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Plasson provides a wide range of solutions for connecting PE pipe. Plasson's products can be found in municipal water distribution systems, gas conveyance systems, industrial fluids transfer and wastewater systems and mines in over 80 countries around the world.



Plasson Excess Flow Valve

Gas Stop

The Excess Flow Valve (EFV), also called Gas Stop (GS), is a special safety valve intended to be used in the house connection line of natural or other gas systems. It is typically installed at the outlet of the tapping saddle at the branch off point or on the house connection line, but can be installed at other locations and applications as well.

The EFV's mechanism senses increased flow rates caused by accidental breaking of the house connection line, e.g. as a result of mistaken excavation operation or such. At normative flow rates, the EFV remains open with minimal obstruction to the gas flow, as required by the designated application. When the flow rate supersedes a preset value, the EFV automatically and immediately shuts off the outflow of gas to prevent the possibility of accidental ignition.

Operation Principal:
The EFV is a fully mechanical valve. Its closing body is spring biased at the open position to avoid obstruction to the flow (VN) and prevent early shutoff. In case of breakage in the downstream pipe, the flow reaches the specified closing flow (VS). The pressure difference caused by the flow at the preset closing flow rate exerts a force on the closing body greater then the spring bias, thus forcing the closing body to move towards the valve seat. Once the closing body starts to move, the balance of forces on it changes and it shuts instantly.
Re-arming: After the downstream pipe is repaired, over flow (VL) creates equilibrium and the spring can move the closing body back to its original position. Thus the EFV is re-armed and ready for operation.
If the EFV type is without over flow (VL), in order to rearm the EFV a manual pressure must be applied.

Design Features:
Fully mechanical
Unique design results in very low head loss at operation flow
Easy installation


Components and Materials:
Plastic Parts – PolyAcetal (POM-thermoplastic polymer)
Rod – Stainless Steel or Brass (depending on model)
Overflow Orifice - Brass
Spring – Stainless Steel
Seals – NBR (DIN EN 549 B2)

In PE Gas Conducting Systems.

Compliance to Standards:
DVGW VP 305-2 / Januar 2007

Rod   Seals
Spring   Over Oriffice