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Plasson provides a wide range of solutions for connecting PE pipe. Plasson's products can be found in municipal water distribution systems, gas conveyance systems, industrial fluids transfer and wastewater systems and mines in over 80 countries around the world.



Plasson Series 1 - The new range of innovative fittings created by Plasson, market leader in design and manufacture of reliable fittings for polyethylene pipe systems.

Plasson Series 1 push-fittings provide connectivity of PE pipe to a variety of plumbing pipe materials including PE, Copper, PB, and PEX. Inserting the pipe up to the fitting stop creates both the seal and the grip on the pipe.

Plasson Series 1 is designed to provide a 16 Bar rated joint to PE pipe.

Plasson Series 1 compact and attractive design makes this fitting ideal for the plumbing market, where space is limited and appearance is crucial. Simplicity of assembly makes both the professional’s and occasional user’s job easier whilst retaining the Plasson reliability.

The combination of Plasson’s current fitting range and the new Series 1 fulfill the requirements of all markets for PE pipe connections and connections to other pipe materials.

Plasson Series 1 features and benefits include:

  • Aesthetically designed product - gives professional finish to the job
  • Assembly tools not required - simple push fit assembly
  • Compact size - can be assembled in confined spaces
  • Instant seal and integrity of joint - captive seal and no nuts to tighten
  • Full end load performance - no need to restrain joints
  • Transition PE to internal plumbing systems - Copper, PB and PEX accommodated in one fitting
  • Push fit assembly of Copper, PB and PEX - similar to PE joint assembly
  • 50 year design life - provides total reliability
  • Tamper resistant design - ensures system integrity
  • Reduced stock shelf space